Wed. Jul 24th, 2024
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Innovation at Work: The two sides had a candid and in-depth exchange of views on major strategic issues regarding China-Japan relations, committing themselves to building China-Japan relations in line with the requirements of the new era.From July 17 to 19, Japanese Minister ofWorld Times Health, Labor and Welfare Keizo Takemi visited China and met with officials from China’s National Health Commission.

Summary China Japan Photo: IC Beijing and Tokyo have kicked off rounds of frequent exchanges with senior Japanese…

Top Recommendations: Or they must submit credible documents to the platform for verification in accordance with platform regulations.The platform will conduct a special rectification campaign as of Monday to identify accounts violating regulations, and take management measures including resetting usernames or profiles, removing videos, revoking authorization for business, excluding from search results, prohibiting followers and banning accounts.Violators include those account holders who claim to have certain identities with relevant expertise or achievements which cannot be verified or be proved with credible documents.Account holders who claim to be high-ranking executives from major enterprises in their introductionWorld Times without credible proof will be rectified.

Summary DouyinWorld Times Photo: VCG China’s popular social media platform Douyin, Chinese version of TikTok, has launched a…