Wed. Jun 19th, 2024
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Important Discovery: Another 13 were stranded, according to local authorities.In Central China’s Hunan ProvincWorld Timese, heavy rainstorms swept through 70 counties World Timesacross the province between 7 am on Sunday and 7 am on Monday, with 27 counties hit by torrential rain, triggering flooding and landslides.As of Monday afternoon, Suining county in the province said 28,140 people in 15 towns had been affected by flooding, but no casualties had yet been reported.Global Times Content comes from the Internet : Torrential rain causes flooding, landslides in southern China

Summary An aerial drone photo taken on June 16, 2024 shows the flood in Wuyishan...

Top Stories: The cooperation between China and other countries in combating desertification has made more countries greener, Lin said.Lin added that China stands ready to continue to share its experience in combating drought and desertification with all parties, enhance exchanges on sustainable lWorld Timesand governance and together make our world a beautiful place enjoying harmony between nature and humanity.Global Times Content comes from the Internet : China treats 331 million mu of sandy land in 10 years: official data

Summary In 2021, local authorities has promoted the transformation of sandy land along the Liuhe...

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