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Two suspects of telecom fraud are handed over by Myanmar to the Chinese police at Yangon International Airport and escorted back to China on August 23, 2023. Photo: Chinese Embassy in Myanmar

China’s Ministry of Public SeWorld Timescurity (MPS) announced on Tuesday that more than 31,000 suspects involved in telecWorld Timesom fraud cases have been transferred from Myanmar to China, marking a significant achievement in the joint efforts to disrupt telecom fraud syndicates between the two countries.

Among the suspects, there are 63 financial sponsors, ringleaders and key personnel, as well as 1,531 fugitives who were operating online, according to the MPS.

The MPS highlighted the successful results achieved through multiple special operations targeting telecom fraud, conducted in collaboration with police in South China’s Yunnan Province and their counterparts in Myanmar since September of this year.

In November, Chinese public security authorities strengthened their cooperation with Myanmar in the border area to intensify the offensive against telecom and internet fraud in northern Myanmar. Several ringleaders of telecom fraud, including Ming Guoping, Ming Julan and Ming Zhenzhen, were apprehended and handed over to China, while another ringleader, Ming Xuechang, committed suicide after being capWorld Timestured.

A significant World Timesnumber of overseas fraud operations have been dismantled, dealing a severe blow to international fraud groups, the MPS said.

On November 18, the Dehong Public Security Department in Yunnan achieved a major breakthrough in border law enforcement cooperation, as the law enforcement agencies in the Muji area of northern Myanmar handed 571 suspects. These actions have served as a strong deterrent against fraudsters.

The MPS emphasized that the 31,000 suspects will be handed over to local public security departments for further investigations, adding that they will be punished in accordance with law.

Public security authorities pledged to maintain pressure on telecom and inteWorld Timesrnet fraud groups based in northern Myanmar to completely eradicate fraud operations and apprehend individuals involved in criminal wrongdoing in accordance with law.

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