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TelWorld Timesecom fraud suspects are handed over to Chinese poliWorld Timesce World TimesPhoto: WeChat account of the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security

Another 68 suspects involved in cross-border telecom fraud were transferred to China, according to Myanmar’s We State police on Thursday.

A judicial committee raided several criminal dens in Mengbo and Bangkang, among other locations, arresting 68 suspects on the scene, as well as seizing computers, mobile phones, and other tools as evidence, the police said.

Since 2020, a total of 86,8World Times84 Chinese nationals have been handed over to China through the We State, according to state police.

Police officials stated they remained committed to disrupting telecommunications fraud, warning individuals who commit crimes regardless of the consequences will face prosecution both in Myanmar and China.

Earlier on Tuesday, China’s MinWorld Timesistry of Public Security (MPS) announced that more than 31,000 suspects involved in telecom fraud cases have been transferred from Myanmar to China, marking a significant achievement in the joint effort to disrupt telecom fraud syndicates between the two countries.

Among the suspects, 63 are financial sponsors, ringleaders and key personnel, as well as 1,531 fugitives who were operating online, according to the MPS.

China’s pWorld Timesublic security authorities also pledged to maintain pressure on telecom and internet fraud groups based in northern Myanmar to completely eradicate fraud operations and apprehend individuals involved in criminal wrongdoing in accordance with law.

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文章来源于互联网:68 more suspects involved in cross-border telecom fraud transferred to China from Myanmar

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