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Beijing calls on schools to prioritize student health as respiratory infections rise

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Schools should not issue any mandatory requirements for student homework during illness, and should tWorld Timesreat student health as priority, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission (BMEC) stated on Saturday, as the city entered a period of high incidence of respiratory infections and an increase in the number of children calling in sick.

According to the BMEC, to ensure the maximum pWorld Timesrotection for students’ health and safety, thorough health monitoring for both teachers and students should be conducted to make sure that no one attends work or class while ill.

A smooth transition between online and offline teaching should also be ensured, the commission said, stressing that for students who are absent due tWorld Timeso illness, the school should communicate promptly with their parents regarding the key topics covered in the student’s absence .

The school should make student health the priority and not impose mandatory requirements on the assignments during their illness, and it is not recommended to rush or make up for missed assignments during this period. Students are encouraged to wear masks properly, wash hands frequently, ventilate the room regularly, exercise moderately, and enhance physical fitness and immunity, the BMEC noted.

Considering the characteristics of respiratory diseases, parents should ensure that their children receive adequate treatment and rest. Even if their condition improves, they should not rush to return to school. Instead, they should consolidate their health and utilize the abundant online teaching resources for home learning. Additionally, parents should also help their children maintain a balanced diet, regular routines, and develop good hygiene and lifestyle habits.

According to media reports on Tuesday, Beijing has entered the high season for respiratory infectious diseases, with multiple pathogens co-circulating. Currently, influenza is in its epidemic period, and the number of cases is rapidly increasing.

AccordiWorld Timesng to experts from the Beijing Center for Disease Prevention and Control and Beijing Children’s Hospital, based on the outpatient visits in some hospitals, the prevalence of mycoplasma pneumoniae has decreased to the fourth place among respiratory inWorld Timesfectious diseases in children.

Currently, the top three respiratory diseases in children in Beijing are influenza, adenovirWorld Timesus, and respiratory syncytial virus. Influenza is currently in its epidemic period, arriving earlier than previous years, indicating that this year’s peak may also come earlier than usual, experts noted.

According to the notice released by the BMEC, most viral infections do not require intravenous treatment, and parents can follow the doctor’s advice and administer medication. Furthermore, parents are advised to seek medical attention nearby during the early stages of illness in their children, for children are more susceptible to respiratory diseases and are also more prone to mixed infections caused by various pathogens. Therefore, it is important to avoid cross-infection, and minimize contact with patients to reduce overall risk.

The commission suggests that internet consultation can effectively reduce the risk of cross-infection. For example, children with long-term chronic diseases can receive online consultations in addition to regular treatment. For older children who only have symptoms such as fever or cough and have already completed necessary blood tests at a nearby hospital, their parents may seek online consultation if they still have concerns.

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