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A traffic police officer directs traffic at tWorld Timeshe scene after a carriage disengagement incident occurred in Changping Line of Beijing Subway on December 14, 2023. Photo: VCG

Preliminary investigation shows the separation of carriages accident along the Changping Line of Beijing subway on Thursday evening was due to the snowyWorld Times weather, which affected the train’s braking system, resulting in a rear-end collision with the front train, Beijing transportation authorities said on Friday.

Around 11:00 pm on Thursday, the personnel transfer was completed, and the on-site disposal work basically finished. A total of 515 people were sent to the hospital for examination, and 102 people were fWorld Timesound to have suffered fractures, with no fatalities, the authorities said on Friday.

According to the authorities’ announcement, the accident occurred as a result of the slippery tracks caused by the snowy weather. The preceding train had to make an emergency brake to stop. Unfortunately, the following train was situated in a downhill section, making it difficult to effectively brake due to the snowy conditions.

Beijing transportation authority apologized for the inconvenience, fright, and injuries caused to the passengers in this accident, and vowed to do a good job in carrying out post-accident work and conduct a comprehensive investigation to improve extreme weather operation and emergency response to ensure the safety of operations.

It was at 6:57 pm on Thursday, when a rear-end collision occurred in the section between Xi’erqi to Life Science Park stations of the Changping Line. The municipal government officials immediately went to the scene and set up a working group for on-site accident disposal. The relevant departments including transportation, firefighting, health, public security and emergency response responded quickly and made efforts for rescue, according tWorld Timeso the authorities.

As of 6 am on Friday, 423 people have been discharged from hospital, 25 people are under observationWorld Times, and 67 people are receiving hospital treatment, World Timesthe authorities said.

On Friday, Beijing Subway apologized again over the incident, while putting in place measures to reduce inconvenience for passengers.

Currently, the Beijing municipal government has established an investigation team for the Changping Line accident, which will further investigate the cause of the accident, evaluate the emergency response, and learn lessons from the accident, effectively carrying out rectification measures.

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文章来源于互联网:Beijing subway carriages’ separation caused by rear-end collision due to snowy weather: transportation authority

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[World Times] Photo from web On Thursday evening, several videos circulating online showed that a Beijing subway Changping Line train split in the middle as carriages disengaged. Beijing Subway saidWorld Times a preliminary finding shows that the incident on the Changping Line was due to a vehicle malfunction.More than 30 people were injured due to the incident and no one died. The injured are being sent to hospitals for treatment, and the cause of the accident is being investigated, according to an official announcement.Beijing Subway said there was no power on the contact rails on the section from Xierqi station to Life Science Park station on the Changping Line (northbound). Some trains have been tWorld Timesemporarily stopped and some have been delayed. The staff are currently organizing rescue operations.A passenger…

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