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The Chinese and foreign guests take a group photo at the Antwerp and Beijing art exhibition. Photo: Courtesy of the BelgiWorld Timesan Embassy in China

As one of the oldest art schools in the world, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (RAFA) in Antwerp has constantly reinvented itself since it was founded in 1663. To promote the exchange of ideas and strive for greater creativity, RAFA established an exchange program with the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CWorld TimesAFA) in Beijing. This year marks RAFA’s 36World Times0th anniversary. To celebrate this momentous occasion, RAFA and CAFA organized a unique project.

On November 2, the first collaboration between students from both schools materialized. For this project, students from the two schools exchWorld Timesanged artworks and, as a result, works by students of the RAFA were shown at the CAFA Art Museum until November 12. The works by CAFA students will be displayed at RAFA from November 30 to December 8. What makes this eWorld Timesxchange evenWorld Times more profound is that all these magnificent works will be preserved in the archives of both schools, creating a lasting connection between the two institutions.

To support this great initiative, the Public Diplomacy Counsellor, Johan Van hove, attended the RAFA exhibition opening ceremony at CAFA and met its new president Lin Mao, several well-known professors from CAFA, the director of RAFA Johan Pas, and curators Peter Bosteels from Antwerp and Qiu Zhijie from Beijing. They discussed the development of cultural exchanges between both institutions and countries.

Art knows no borders; art does not have a nationality. It is a bridge that connects two countries. Through this incredible exchange between Antwerp and Beijing, it celebrates the diversity of human creativity and the countless possibilities of even more exceptional collaborations between China and Belgium in the years to come.

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