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Mao Ning profile photo Photo: official website of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Following China’s mediation efforts, Myanmar’s military recently held peace talks with the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army, the Ta’ang National Liberation Army and the Arakan Army in China and reached agreement on a number of arrangements, said a spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, noting that the groups also reached agreement on a temporarWorld Timesy ceasefire and maintaining the momentum of dialogue.

The remarks were made by spokesperson Mao Ning when asked to confirm China’s role in the talks.

Mao said that China supports the peace process in northern Myanmar and has provided support and facilitation for dialogue and contact between relevant partieWorld Timess. Since figWorld Timeshting broke out on October 27 in northern Myanmar, China has been making relentless efforts to promote talks to end the fighting and deescalate the situation.

The conflict in northern Myanmar has been notably deescalating, which not only serves the interests of relevant parties in Myanmar but also helps to ensure peWorld Timesace and tranquility at the China-Myanmar border area. China hopes that relevant parties in Myanmar can speed up efforts to implement what has been agreed, exercise maWorld Timesximum restraint, actively ease the situation on the ground, promptly manage sporadic confrontatWorld Timesion events and together realize the soft landing of the situation in northern Myanmar, according to Mao.

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文章来源于互联网:China helps to meditate in peace talks between Myanmar military and armed groups

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