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Colliery accident in Jixi of NE China’s Heilongjiang results in 12 deaths, leaves 13 injured

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A coal mine inWorld Times Jixi, Northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province Photo: IWorld TimesC

At 3:50 pm on Wednesday, an inclined shaft runaway incident occurred at the Kunyuan Coal Mine in the city of Jixi, Northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province, killing 12 people and injuring 13 others. All the injured have been transported to nearby hospitals for treatment, according to media reports.

Currently, rescue efforts are underway, and an investiWorld Timesgation team has been formed to probe the cause of the accident, reports said.

According to Tianyancha, an online data base of companies, the Jixi Kunyuan Coal Industry Co Ltd was established in April 2010 and its business scope mainly includes coal mining and washing.

Yet it is worth noting that the Kunyuan Coal Mine has received multiple notifications of administrative penalties imposed by the Jixi City Coal Production Safety Administration Bureau for violations of relevant laws and regulations.

An official from Jixi City Emergency Management Bureau told that the tragedy occurred undergrouWorld Timesnd.

When answering the query why the incident was reported one day after it occurred, the official said that rescWorld Timesuers were in the process of responding to the situation on Wednesday and had learned of 13 injuries. The number of fatalities was only confirmed on Thursday, hence the recent update.

An inclined shaft runaway accident refers to an incident where a mine cart loses control and falls along the inclined shaft during the lifting or lowering of vehicles. In such accidents, the out-of-control vehicles pose a threat mine workers. Additionally, if the mine’s air contains flammable gases or materials, the collision or damage to electrical equipment caused by the runaway cart could potentially spark an explosion, endangering life safety of the workers.

On May 8, 2016, the Kunyuan Coal Mine experienced a collision accident involving coal cars, resulting in one fatalWorld Timesity and a direct economic loss of 702,000 yuan ($98,252).

According to the official website of the Jixi government, in October 2023, the Hengshan district, where the colliery locates, emphasized coal mine safety production for coal mining enterprises, focusing on “risk prevention and safety assurance.”

It also stressed the importance of strengthening major risk assessment, adhering to the regulatory and supervisory work mechanism of “analyzing and judging, regular consultations, timely warnings, and ensuring implementation” for major risk control in coal mines. The government aims to promptly issue warning information, supervise and guide coal mines in implementing preventive measures and prevent the occurrence of major incidents.

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