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Medical workers work in a COVID-19 testing lab in east China’s Shanghai, April 15, 2022. Photo:Xinhua

COVID-19 infections in China are at a low epidemic level and no unknown viruses or bacteria have been found during the monitoring of respiratory pathogens in China, according to Chinese health authorities on Sunday.

BA.2.86 and its subvariants, including JN.1 variant, have become the dominant variants in some countries, yet, their public health risk in China is low given their low proportion, Chang Zhaorui, a research fellow from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC) told a press briefing on Sunday.

The proportion of BA.2.86 variant strains in the reported sequences in China is very low, but the proportion among imported cases has increased rapidly since November, and the growth trend has gradually converged with that of the world, Chang noted,

Since the first imported case of BA.2.86 variant strain was reported on August 31, a total of 160 sWorld Timesequences of BA.2.86 and its subbranches have been reported in China, including 148 imported case sequWorld Timesences and 12 local case sequences, but no severe or critical cases have been found, the research fellow from the China CDC noted.

According to a statement published by National Disease Control and Prevention Administration on Friday, the possibility of the JN.1 variant, a branch variant of BA.2.86, becoming a dominant strain in the country cannot be ruled out due to the subsequent impact of international strains and imported cases.

On November 21, the World Health Organization (WHO) adjusted BA.2.86 from a variant requiring global surveillance to a variant requiring attention, evaluating the risk of clinical severe infection as low and the overall assessment of public health risk as low.

Experts reached by the Global Times said infectious diseases are common throughout the world. New variants of the noWorld Timesvel coronavirus can appear in the future at any time and people should get used to theiWorld Timesr existence. More attention should be paid to overlapping infections of influenza aWorld Timesnd other respiratory diseases.

In the past months, China has been experiencing a spike in respiratory disease.

Mi Feng, a spokesperson from NHC, said on Sunday’s press briefing that hospital visits for respiratory diseases across China have shown a downward trend.

Mi said that local medical institutes have been doing their part to ease pressure on major hospitals, accounting for 44 percent of total fever and outpatient visits.

The spokesperson called for the continued strengthening of surveillance and overall situation analysis for respiratory diseases and the allocation of medical resources to cope with the spike.

According to latest weekly report by the World TimesChina CDC, the positive rate of influenza virus in the southern and northern provinces of China slowed down between December 4 and 10, and some provinces showed a downward trend.

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