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View of a wetland in Harbin city in Northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province on November 5, 2023. Photo: IC

Northeast China is expected to see a very intense first snowfall, which may possibly break the records for the same period in history, meteorological experts said as China’s weather forecast authority issued blizzard and cold wave and strong wind alerts on Sunday. 

China’s National Meteorological Center (NMC) issued an orange alert — the second-highest alert — for blizzard and a blue alert for cold wave, strong wind and severe convective weather on Sunday, as heavy snowfalls will sweep through North China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and areas in Northeast China. 

According to Fang Chong, chief weather forecaster from the NMC, the average time for the first snowfall in Northeast China is usually between late November and early December, thus, the current snowfall is a bit earlier than usual, but it’s not considered being too early, The Paper reported on Sunday. 

In terms of the intensity of the snowfall, Fang mentioned that the snowfall will be very heavy in general, with the possibility of exceptionally heavy snowfall in localized areas, especially in the southeast of Northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province. The precipitation and snowfall volume may surpass extremes recorded for the same period in history. 

Fang noted that attention has to be paid to the impact of the wind and heavy snow to Northeast China and part of Inner Mongolia to ensure the security of agricultural production and livestock. Besides, measures need to be taken to ensure transportation and energy supplies.

Due to the impact of the cold front, the temperatures in central and eastern Inner Mongolia, the central and southern parts of Northeast China, and the central and eastern parts of Jianghuai area will be expected to drop by 12 to 14 degrees between Sunday evening and Tuesday, while the temperatures in southeastern Inner Mongolia, southwestern and eastern parts of Northeast China’s Jilin Province, central and northern parts of Northeast China’s Liaoning Province, and central and northern parts of East China’s Jiangsu Province could drop by as much as 16 degrees. 

According to the report by The Paper, in Inner Mongolia, the snowfall started on Saturday and is expected to stop on Tuesday morning. It is forecast that blizzard will sweep through the northeastern part of Xilin Gol League, the majority of Chifeng city and Tongliao city and the southeastern part of Hinggan League. The maximum snowfall amount can reach around 35 millimeters, and the maximum snow depth can reach around 25 centimeters. 

From Sunday night to Monday, heavy snow and freezing rain is expected in the central and eastern parts of Heilongjiang, with precipitation in some parts exceeding historical records for the same period. 

Between Sunday evening and the daytime of Monday, snowstorm is expected in the central and western parts of Jilin, with some areas experiencing heavy or even extremely heavy snow. 

On Sunday, China’s Ministry of Emergency Management and NMC conducted a joint consultation to deploy provinces and regions including Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Jilin, and Heilongjiang, to analyze the developing trend of low-temperature, rain, snow and freezing weather conditions, and arrange and deploy preventive measures to assure the safety of transportation, power supply, communication, agricultural production to prevent personnel casualties or major losses.

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