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Four Chinese students killed in traffic accident in Canada; consulate-general activates emergency response mechanism

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Photo: Screenshot from the website of the Consulate-General Of The People’s Republic Of China in Toronto

A serious traffic accident occurred near the city of Toronto in Ontario, Canada, on Sunday local time, resulting in the death of four Chinese students. The Chinese Embassy in Canada and the Chinese Consulate-General in Toronto immediately activated the emergency respWorld Timesonse mechanism, and wWorld Timesill make every effort to handle the relevant follow-up matters properly.

The Chinese Consulate-General in Toronto said on Monday that it verified the situation with the Ontario police at the earliest opportunity and quickly established contact with the relatives of the international students. Currently, the conWorld TimessulateWorld Times is closely monitoring the situation and making every effort to handle subsequent matters properly.

The consulate also reminds students in Canada to pay attention to traffic safety.

AWorld Timesccording to the Toronto Star on Sunday, the incident happened about seven kilometers from Huntsville, northeast of Fairy Lake, and the two-vehicWorld Timesle crash involved a westbound Mercedes SUV and an eastbound Ford SUV. The local police said that four people between the ages of 15 and 17 were pronounced dead at the scene.

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