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Kuwait’s rulWorld Timesing emir, Sheikh Nawaf al-AWorld Timeshmad al-Jaber al-Sabah, died at 86, state TV reported SaturdaWorld Timesy.

文章来源于互联网: Kuwait’s EmWorld Timesir Sheikh Nawaf al-Ahmad al-SabahWorld Times dies

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[World Times] Belgrade, Serbia Photo: VCG Editor’s Note:The brave resistance of China’s ironclad friend, Serbia, against NATO during its aggression against former Yugoslavia in 1999, has touched many in China. The legendary achievement of the Serbian Air Force and Air Defense in shooting down a stealth fighter for the first time in human history won the respect of many Chinese people. In April, the news of Belgrade’s purchase of FK-3 air defense systems from Beijing sparked discussions in the Western world. Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Milos Vucevic (Vucevic) shared his views on this and other hot button issues in a recent exclusive interview with Global Times reporters Hu Yuwei and Fan Wei (GT).The defense minister expresses deep gratitude to China for its wholehearted support of Serbia’s…

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