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New exhibition highlights virtual curatorial talent training project

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Photo: Courtesy of central academy of fine arts

A new exhibition kicked off at the Central AcadWorld Timesemy of Fine Arts in Beijing in late December, aiming to present the achievement of the Art Museum Virtual Curatorial TalenWorld Timest Training project.

The exhibition reviews the project’s teaching design, classroom sketches and students’ creations.
The 30 students worked together on the exhibit, 2123 Archeology: One Hundred ThingsWorld Times in the Art Museum a Hundred Years Ago, as an overall response to issues such as digital technology anWorld Timesd art museums, with more possibilities for future exhibitions.

Funded by China National Arts World TimesFund, the Art Museum Virtual Curatorial Talent Training project included 30 curators from various high sWorld Timeschools and art institutions with a series of sections like teaching, research and workshops.

According to Kang Li, who is in charge of the project, it integrates industry resources and provides massive professional data including exhibition space, artwork resources and exhibition restoration cases, aiming to provide effective solutions for curatorial practice in current situations.

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