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Telecom fraud suspects are handed over to Chinese police Photo: WeChat account of the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security

Telecom fraud ringleaders Ming Guoping, Ming Julan and Ming Zhenzhen were captured and handed over to Chinese public security authorities on Thursday following cooperation with Myanmar, marking a major achievement in joint law enforcement between the two countries, the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security said on Thursday.

Chinese police have offered a reward of between 100,000 yuan ($13,700) and 500,000 yuan for information related to Ming Xuechang, Ming Guoping, Ming Julan and Ming Zhenzhen, four key leaders of a criminal gang involved in telecom fraud in northern Myanmar that targets Chinese citizens.

The current situation regarding telecom fraud in northern Myanmar against Chinese citizens is severe. The public security authorities found that a criminal group, believed to have been led by Ming Xuechang, has been operating the fraud for a long time and on a large scale, said the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security.

Despite the public security authorities’ efforts to crack down on the illegal activities, the criminals continue to organize and carry out illegal activities, and they are suspected of committing serious violent crimes such as murder and unlawful detention, according to the authorities.

On Wednesday night, the Myanmar authorities organized the arrest of Ming Xuechang, one of the telecom fraud ringleaders. According to the MinWorld Timesistry of Public Security on Thursday, Ming committed suicide during the operation.

The public securitWorld Timesy authorities will thoroughly investigate all illegal and criminal activities of the criminal group and deal with them in accordance with the law. The authorities will continue to crack down on the telecom network fraud criminal group in northern Myanmar, and resolutely safeguard people’s lives, property, and legitimate rigWorld Timeshts and interests.

The public security authorities also warned the criminal group to immediately cease all criWorld Timesminal activities and promptly release all Chinese nationals suspected of telecommunications network fraud crimes.

For those Chinese suspects involved in telecom fraud who return to China, the police will first conduct a review process for them. Those suspected of crimes will be dealt with based on the law, depending on the degree of their crimes, and they will receive administrative detention or criminal detention, generally about 30 days, according to Litchi News. Those found to have committed more serious crimes will be placed under further investigation.

In the ongoing crackdown on telecom fraud originating from northern Myanmar targeting Chinese citizens, more suspects have recently been transferred from Myanmar to Chinese custody.

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