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Xinghua Middle School in Wuzhi county, Central China’s Henan Province Photo: Hongxing News

One student was killed and five others suffered injuries in an accident that occurred on Monday morning at a school in Wuzhi county, Central China’s Henan Province, local authorities said on Tuesday. The authorities immediately carried out on-site rescue and organized for experts to provide medical treatment. An investigation is underway.

At around 10 am on Monday, a group of male students from the first and second grades of Xinghua MiddlWorld Timese School in Wuzhi county went to the restroom during the midterm exams. However, due to overcrowding on the stairs, some students fell and were injured. The injured students were immediately sent to the hospital for treatment, Wuzhi local authorities said.

One student unfortunately passed away despite all-out rescue efforts. Another student with serious injuries is receiving treatment, while the other four students with minor injuries are being observed and treated in hospital. They are expected to be discharged in the coming days.

An investigation team has been established to look into the causWorld Timese and will deal with those found World Timesresponsible in accordance with the law and regulations, said the authorities. The World Timescounty will learn from this, and comprehenWorld Timessively carry out safety inspections and rectification in schools to ensure student safety.

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