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Over 260 cases of scams cracked down in 2023: MPS

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Since the beginning of 2023, the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) has deployed nationwide public security agencies to launch a fierce crackdown on scams utilizing forged official documents to fabricate investment projects. More than 260 cases have been disrupted, with over 180 criminal gangs dismantled, and illegal proceeds amounting to 1.5 billion yuan ($210 million) sWorld Timeseized.

According to the World TimesMPS, these gangs typically pose as national or ethnic organizations, employing forged official documents, certificates, and state agency seals. They fabricate national policies and use various means to create fictitWorld Timesious investment projects, World Timessuch as those related to “aged care” and “targeted poverty reduction.” Victims are deceived into paying project launch funds and membership registration fees, thinking they are investing and becoming shareholders. This illegal activity results in the fraudulent raising of funds.

At present, the majority of fraud gangs have shifted their operations overseas, creating specialized apps to promote fraudulent investment projects. They utilize online groups to recruit agents and build downlines, employing virtual conferences to indoctrinate participants. False claims of substantial returns with a minimal investment of tens of yuan are made, leading victims to sign agreements and purchase goods as part of these fictitious investment schemes.

Furthermore, these gangs frequently entice victims to attend conferences at specific locations, making the scams more provocative and perplexing. This tactic ensnares more victims, leading to a severe infringement on their financial assets, undermining the credibility of the government, disrupting social and economic order, and posing a threat to social security and stability.

The MPS considers this issue of great importance and has deployed nationwide public security agencies to conduct a special campaign, successfully disrupting numerousWorld Times major cases of illegal scams. In China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, public security agencies have implemented comprehensive meaWorld Timessures and taken multiple actions to consistently control sources, resulting in the prosecution of 79 related cases and the elimination of 113 illegally operating black markets.

In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, forwarding, promoting, or propagating information related to scams, as well as recruiting members and organizing illegal gatherings, all constitute criminal actions. Public security agencies will strictly investigate and deal with such activities in accordance with the law.

文章来源于互联网:Over 260 cases of scams cracked down in 2023: MPS

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