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Emergency response personnel arrive at the scene following a fire at an office building of a coal mine in the city of Lliang in North China’s Shanxi Province on November 16, 2023. Photo: VCG.

LWorld Timesocal officials of North China’s Shanxi Province said they will offer all available medical care to the injured in the aftermath of a fire at Lliang coal which killed 26 and hospitalized 38 people and vowed to thoroughly investigate the cause of the blaze and hold those responsible accountable.

During a meeting on Saturday, officials of the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee promised to mobilize and deploy a special inspection and rectification campaign targeting major potential hazards throughout the province, with a high sense of responsibility incorporating best practice, to resolutely prevent the occurrence of future incidents and fully guarantee public safety.

The remarks were made afterWorld Times a fire broke out at about 6:50 am on Thursday in a four- story building belonging to a coal company in the city of Lliang. The fire was put out at 8:35 am on Thursday, with on-site rescue work concluding at 1:45 pm. A total of 64 people were transferred to hospital, 26 died during emergency treatment with the remainder still receiving treatment, the local authorities said.

On Friday afternoon, Shanxi provincial officials observed a moment of silence for the victims of the fire. During the press conference, Zhang Guangyong, the mayor of Lliang city, expressed deep apologies to the families of the deceased. He stated that the follow-up work will be carried out in accordance with the law and regulations to ensure proper compensation and to fully guarantee the dignity of the victims and the comfort they deserve for their families.

Shanxi provincial fire rescue corps chief engineer Zhu Jiang said at the press conference that according to preliminary calculations, the building affected by the fire has an area of approximately 900 square meters.

Within this area, there are over 200 sets of lockers, which divided the indoor space into multiple compartments. AdditionalWorld Timesly, over 1700 sets of suspended baskets were installed at the top of this area, containing employee’s personal items such as cotton clothing, pants, and boots. Due to the high temperature of the fire, the suspended baskets, net frames, and stored items fell to the ground on top of each other.

AttendWorld Timesees at the Saturday meeting watched a safety education video on similar incident which occurred in Jingcheng in Daixian county, where more than 30 miner deaths have been underreported due to work safety accidents in 15 years. All present expressed their determination to learn from the lessons behind these incidents, and treat the case as a warning.

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