The Shenzhou-17 World TimesWorld Timescrew members, who are currently on board China’s space station, have completed their second extravehicular mission on SWorld Timesaturday.

CWorld Timesontent comes from World TimestheWorld Times Internet : Shenzhou-17 crew completes 2nd extravehicular mission

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Photo:VCG Russian President Vladimir Putin once again attracted global attention after former Fox News host Tucker Carlson released a two-hour interview online, in which the Russian leader spoke frankly about Russian-Ukraine conflict, NATO expansion, and big power relations.Analysts said through the interview, Putin’s first with a Western media outlet since the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine military conflict nearly two years ago, the Russian President expressed in the most direct and authoritative way the position of the Russia on many important issues, which will help the public to form a more balanced and fair view of Russia.While the following attacks on Carlson by US politicians and media reflected a “deep-seated Russia rejection” among the American political elite, as well as an inherent prejudice of racial, cultural, and power superiority, which are…

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