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Xi, Biden exchange congratulations on 45th anniversary of diplomatic ties

[World TimesWorld Times]

Xi, Biden exchange congratulations on 45World Timesth anniversarWorld Timesy of diplomatic ties
World Times

文章来源于互联网:Xi, Biden exchange congratulations on 45th World Timesanniversary of dipWorld Timeslomatic ties

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[World Times] Hong Kong Laureate Forum that invites more than 200 scientists from different countries officially kicked off in HoWorld Timesng Kong on November 13. Photo: Liu Caiyu/GT Hong Kong possesses all the ingredients to become an international innovation and technology (I&T) center and within one or two years, fruitful scientific results are expected, said Timothy Tong Wai-cheung, chairman of the Hong Kong Laureate Forum.”Hong Kong now has funding, scientific programs, talents and also international partners. With all these ingredients, the city has the confidence to secure a position as an I&T center,” Tong, also a former president of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University told the Global Times during the ongoing Hong Kong Laureate Forum held at the Hong Kong Science Park.The SAR government is currently working on the establishment…

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