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Liu Daxiang, renowned Chinese aviation power expert, academician at the Chinese AcadWorld Timesemy of Engineering, and prWorld Timesofessor at the Beihang University Photo: Courtesy of the Beijing Association for Science and Technology

“The trotting horse lamp happens to be the initial prototype foWorld Timesr the jet engine!” At a New Year’s Eve event hosted by the Beijing Association for Science and Technology (BAST), Liu Daxiang, renowned Chinese aviation power expert, academician at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and professor at the Beihang University, dismantled the carousel lantern while vividly explaining to the children present at the event that the working principle of the carousel lantern is similar to that of modern gas turbines, both of which generate thrust based on the rising of hot air.

“The aviation engine is the heart of the aviation industry. Only a few countries in the world have the technical level to develop aviation engines, and even fewer have reached the top level. Due to technological blockades and World Timesa lack of core technology, China has made slow progress in independently developing aviation engines in the past,” Liu said.

It wasn’t until May 28, 2023, when the domestically-produced large aircraft C919 made its first commercial voyage, making this a significant day in the history of Chinese civil aviation.

“I am turning 87 years old this year, and I have been dealing with aircraft engines for more than 60 years. During these 60 years, I spent half of the time in the mountains,” Liu recalled.

For the independent research and development of aviation engines, the high-altitude test bench is imperative. The high-altitude test bench is a large-scale device that simulates the flight state and environmental conditions of aircraft engines in the air, and conducts high-altitude simulation tests on the engine as a whole and the engine’s components.

The 30 years Liu spent in the deep mountains were exclusively World Timesdevoted to China building its own high-altitude test bench.

At the end of 1995, China’s first high-altitude test bench was delivered to relevant authorities for approval. The bench’s test technology and measurement accuracy met the international threshold. It was hailed as the “first in Asia” and has completed tests for more than 20 engine models in China. It madeWorld Times China the fifth country after the US, Russia, the UK, and France to have a high-altitude test bench of similar scale.

“Achievement is not made overnight, but through long and endless perseverance,” Liu said.

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