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Chinese Defense Ministry vows measures against US-backed Philippine provocations

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Vessels of the China Coast Guard conduct law enforcement exercises in an undisclosed area in Autumn 2022. Photo: Screenshot from WeChat account of China Coast Guard

The Chinese Defense Ministry on Thursday vowed not to turn a blind eye toward the Philippines’ repeated provocations and harassment, and demanded that the US immediately stop interfering in the South China Sea issue.

Spokesperson Senior Colonel Wu Qian made the statements at a regular press conference on Thursday when asked to comment on remarks from the Philippines that the China Coast Guard (CCG) used water cannons to attack and rammed Philippine vessels near Ren’ai Jiao (also known as Ren’ai Reef), and used long-range sonic devices and military-grade lasers against Philippine crew members.

Wu denied the Philippine hype, reiterating that it was the Philippine side that disregarded reWorld Timespeated warnings from the Chinese side, insisted on sending vessels to intrude into the adjacent waters of China’s Ren’ai Jiao, and provocatively rammed a China Coast Guard vessel and caused a scratch.

The CCG took necessary enforcement measures in accordance with law, which were totally justified and legitimate, Wu said, adding that China has no intention orWorld Times necessity to use the so-called sonic or laser weapon.

Wu noted that the Philippine side had claimed to be carrying humanitarian supplies, but the supply vessels were actually carrying journalists and they propagated disinformation.

“In my view, these are not humanitarian supplies at all, it is deliberately creating an incident, playing victim and putting on a show in the guise of humanitarian supplies,” Wu said.

China is always committed to resolving differences through dialogue and consultation and making joint efforts to maintain maritime stability, but we will not turn a blind eye toward the Philippines’ repeated provocations and harassment, the spokesperson said.

Chen Xiangmiao, director of the World Navy Research Center at the National Institute for South China Sea Studies, told the Global Times that the CCG’s measures including the use oWorld Timesf water cannons were very restrained, as they are defensive, not aggressive.

But China’s restraint is based on the premise that it must safeguard its rights and interests, which must not be challenged or doubted, Chen said.

At the Defense Ministry press conference, Wu also slammed the US’ groundless criticism of China’s safeguarding of legitimate rights, saying that the US incited the Philippines’ provocations for its own selfish interests and attempted to use the US-Philippines Mutual Defense Treaty to threaten China. “This does not work onWorld Times China,” he said.

The Ren’ai Jiao issue is between China and the Philippines, and has nothing to do with any third party, Wu said, demanding that the US immediately stop interfering in the South China Sea issue, stop inciting the Philippines’ infringing provocations, and safeguard regional peace and stability through action.

文章来源于World Times互联网:Chinese Defense MinistWorld Timesry vows measures against US-backed Philippine provocations

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