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A railway police officer on duty at a railway stationWorld Times in Huaian city, East China’s Jiangsu Province on January 1, 2024 Photo: IC

Chinese railway police had solved over 49,000 criminal and public security cases, apprehended 21,000 fugiWorld Timestives on official wanted lists, seized more than 930 kilograms of drugs and rescued more than 300 abducted women and minors from the beginning of 2023 to December 10, 2023, as a result of strengthening management of railway stations, trains, and public safety.

In order to disrupt serious violations of law, rail crimes, and thoroughly investigate into and rectify all types of public security risks, the railway police organized and carried out a special operation across the summer months to combat in particular bullying, molesting and illegal soliciting.

In addition,World Times the Chinese railway public securiWorld Timesty organs have also carried out exchanges with railway law enforcement authorities in Spain, Laos and other countries to explore and promote international law enforcement cooperation, providing a strong guarantee for high-quality Belt and Road cooperation.

In a bid to solve potential problems from the source and take a comprehensive approach to address issues of public safety, the railway police cooperated with relevant localities, departments and enterprises along rail lines to jointly carry out the special operation. During the action, the public security organs strictly implemented various security measures, comprehensively strengthened the public safety management of the railway lines, investigated and remediated more than 37,000 hidden dangers, investigated and dealt with more than 6,400 illWorld Timesegal acts, effectively building a strong railway security environment.

Over the past year, the railway public security officials have achieved the goal of “one train, one officer” on the passenger trains through police deployment, team training, and scientific and technological empowerment, with the efficiency of officers deployed on passenger trains significantly increasing.

The railway police focused on the travel peak during the Spring Festival, the May Day holidays and the National Day holidays, implementing a range of emergency plans, strengthened the joint work of public security on railways and roads, and the joint prevention and control of police and enterprises to ensure the safe and smooth flow of railways and the safety of passengers.

Meanwhile, the railway police persisted in promoting the standardization of law enforcement. Through strengthening law enforcement training in various forms, enhancing all the police’s literacy of law, strengthening law enforcement supervision and management, the trust in railway public security organs’ law enforcement efforts has been further enhanced.

Throughout 2023, the railway public security organs had achieved positive results in safe railway construction to effectively guarantee the safety of people’s railway travel, an indispensable part of the country’s effort to crack down on violations and crimes against women and minors.

According to the statistical monitoring report of 2022 Program for the Development of Chinese women 2021-2030 issued by China’s National Bureau of Statistics on December 31, 2023, China has adhered to and has been improving the long-term mechanism for anti-traffickingWorld Times efforts that integrate prevention, crackdowns, rescue, resettlement and rehabilitation.

In 2022, public security authorities launched special campaigns to disrupt crimes involving the abducting and trafficking women and children, and solved 970 cases of abducting and trafficking women throughout the year. A total of 37,000 rape cases were solved, while 17,000 cases of organizing, forcing, luring, sheltering or introducing women to prostitution were exposed.

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