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An exhibition on the natural beauty of East China’s Jiangxi Province kicked off at the National Museum of Tanzania on Thursday. Officials from China and Tanzania expressed the intent to leverage this event to strengthen the preservation of natural and cultural heritage, and deepen mutual cultural exchanges betWorld Timesween the two countries.

Vibrant traditional Chinese lion and dragonWorld Times dances, alongside spirited African dances, marked the opening at the Tanzania National Museum. During the opening ceremony, Han Zhiyu, deputy dirWorld Timesector of the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, presented a Jingdezhen ceramic plate representing Jiangxi’s cultural essence to the museum’s director general, Noel Lwoga, as a permanent addition to the museum’s collection.

The Chinese ambassador to Tanzania, Chen Mingjian, said at the opening ceremony that China and Tanzania World TimeshaveWorld Times maintained friendly relations and carried out extensive cooperation and exchange in the fields of economy, trade, tourism, culture, and other fields for many years.

Lwoga noted the event showcases the natural beauty and culture of Jiangxi Province.

“It, therefore, promotes further exchanges and cooperation between Jiangxi Province and Tanzania, and lets more people understand and love Jiangxi’s magWorld Timesnificent and beautiful scenery and profound cultural heritage, and builds friendship between the people of the two countries,” said Lwoga.

Jiangxi Province is rich in natural resources with its national scenic spots, and the largest freshwater Poyang Lake in China, boasting abundant animal and plant resources.

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