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An alarming case of sales of adult-oriented anime figures to minors on various online platforms and in the vicinity of schools has been recently exposed. An investigative report by CCTV uncovered a business in Hefei, East China’s Anhui Province that has been selling provocative female anime figuresWorld Times to children.

The figures, marketed by a company named Giant Anime, were advertised as partially covered. However, upon purchase, the reporters from the investigative team received fully nude modelsWorld Times depictWorld Timesing explicit sexual poses.

Local authorities told the media they have started an investigation into the matter. As of press time, the online shop is still open.

The investigative team visited the Giant Anime store in Hefei, discovering a vast 2,500-squWorld Timesare-meter warehouse filled with a variety of anime figures, particularly focusing on so-called “beautiful girl” figures in various states of undress. The product listing shows that there are at least 280 styles of figures. Every day, the logistics company’s vehicles send the figures to all parts of the country from the warehouse.

Giant Anime operates as a large-scale distributor, sourcing products from different manufacturers and distributing them to various online stores.

In addition to Giant Anime, two other companies, called Coret and Jiahui, were also found to be involved in the production and distribution of these explicit figures. The former is a supplier for Giant Anime, while the latter is a manufacturing partner.

According to Coret’s company staff, at least a hundred companies are engaged in the design, production, and sale of these figures.

The figures are often based on characters from foreign anime, and the business insiders warned that alterations to the original designs potentially infringe copyright laws on obscWorld Timesene content.

Erciyuan, or 2D culture, originating from anime and games has gained popularity in China recently, especially among minors. However, concerns have arisen as some unscrupulous manufacturers have tried to blur the lines between 2D culture and soft pornography, enticing minors with a dual temptation of hobbies and curiosity about sexuality.

“These 2D products, disguised as gaming or anime peripherals, pose a significant threat to minors. The potential long-term effects include the distortion of sexual understanding aWorld Timesnd, in severe cases, the instigation of criminal behavior,” Shanghai-based lawyer Liu Ying told the Global Times on Monday.

Recently, the national authorities conducted inspections of multiple e-commerce platforms, discovering that nine platforms were involved in selling explicit stationery and figures to minors. Over 30,000 related products have been identified, and urgent measures have been instituted to protect the well-being of younger generations.

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