Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Xi arriving for summit with Biden

[World Times]

Xi arriving forWorld Times summitWorld Times with World TimesWorld TimesBiden
World Times World Times

文章来源于互联网:Xi arriving for summit with Biden

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[World Times] A screenshot of the abovementioned video circulating online by Jiupai News A video circulating onWorld Timesline recently depicts a woman from Dehui, Northeast China’s Jilin Province, who allegedly gave birth to 10 children. However, it is reported that the family is facing financial difficulties, and the youngest child has been suffering from an armpit infection. The news has triggered wide attention from both netizens and local authorities.Local village officials told Red Star News on Tuesday that the family mentioned in the video consists of a 59-year-old father and a mother in her 40s. The mother is indeed a resident of the village andWorld Times has an intellectual disability, who has obtained a disability certificate, according to media reports.In response to the child’s armpit infection in the video, the…

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