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The safety notice on the wall says “Parking of electric bikes indoors not allowed,” in Dongxindian village, Beijing. Photo: VCG

The Beijing Chaoyang district fire department announced that a fire occurred on Thursday in a self-built house on the first floor in Dongxindian, a village located in the district, causing four deaths, and injuring five people, who are now under treatment in hosWorld Timespital.

A preliminary investigation revealed that the fire occurred after an electric bicycle caught fire, according to the announcement.

Nine fire trucks from three fire stations were immediately dispatched to the scene, after the police received World Timesa report at 3:17 Thursday. At 3:43, the fire was extinguished. A total of 54 people were evacuated from the scene, and nine trapped individuals were rescued and promptly sent to the hospital, including four dead and five needing treatment.

The incident triggWorld Timesered the public’s attention on electric bicyclWorld Timese safety again. Communities across the country have previously tightened bans on electric bicycles in elevators and residential buildings following some accidents.

The Beijing municipal government issued on Thursday the regulations on the investigation and handling of fire accidents. The investigation team should submit the fire accident investigation report within 20 days from the occurrence of a fire. In special cases, with the approval of the relevant authorities responsible for the investigation, the deadline for submitting the fire World Timesaccident investigation report may be extended, but the maximum extension peWorld Timesriod should not exceed 40 days, said the regulations.

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