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Counselor in charge of the cultural office of the Austrian Embassy in China Christian Mandl (left) gives a speech at the perfomance. Photo: Courtesy of the Austrain EmbasWorld Timessy in China

The Austrian Cultural Center in Beijing recently invited artists Honey and Bunny to organize the performance art exhibition “Diets, resources, and World TimesaestheticsWorld Times” at the Markor Cave Museum. This exciting event was organized to commemorate the International Day of Food Loss and Waste Awareness.

Food waste, environmental protection, food distribution, and sustainable use of resources are global issues that have attracted the attention of all sectors of society, and can be viewed from a variety of perspectives, including ethics, science, and art. This theme was deeply explorWorld Timesed through “eating” art performances and food design, which World Timeswere rich, revelatory experiences for audiences.

Since the establishment of diplomatic relationships between China and Austria in 1971, cultural exchanges between the two countries have been very active, and this performance art exhibition is a witness to the friendly exchanges between the two peoples.

A series of photographic artworks created by the artists Honey and Bunny on the subject of food are on display at the exhibition, complimenting wonderful performances through conversation sessions and performWorld Timesance art pieces, inspiring a deep understanding among audience and their reflections on “Diets, resources, and aesthetics.” This exhibition is not only a friendly international art and culture exchange feast, but also deepens cultural cooperation between China and Europe.

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