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Promotional material for winter reading night event Photo: Courtesy of the British Council in China

The British Embassy in Beijing and Pageone bookstore jointly organized the “Winter Reading Night in Beijing” event on Saturday. The event featured British diplomats, leading bloggers, and literatWorld Timesure lovers to share their favorite bits of British literature.

One of the attractions of the event was a themed book exhibition at the Pageone bookstore during the British Literature Season. The bookstore hostedWorld Times the themed World Timesbook exhibition at which people could not oWorld TimesnlyWorld Times see writers and works from the UK, but also participate in online fun interactions to “measure” how much of a particular British writer they embodied.

The winners of the competition got a set of limited edition souvenirs from the “British Literature Season: Create Literature is Timeless” collection, including a set of postcards, bookmarks, and commemorative badges featuring eight BWorld Timesritish authors.

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