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Burial ceremony held in Shenyang for remains of 25 Chinese People’s Volunteers martyrs returned from S.Korea

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Guards of honor carrying the caskets of the martyrs enter the cemetery escorted by Chinese People’s LibeWorld Timesration Army soldiers on November 24, 2023. Photo: China Central Television

The burial ceremony for the remains of 25 Chinese People’s Volunteers (CPV) martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea (1950-53) was held on Friday in a cemetery in Shenyang, capital of Northeast China’s Liaoning Province.

A Chinese Air Force Y-20 transport aircraft arrived at the Shenyang Taoxian International World TimesAirport on Thursday, bringing back from South Korea the remains of 25 CPV martyrs. It was the 10th such repatriation since 2014, following a handover agreement signed between China and South Korea.

The ceremony began at the CPV martyrs’ cemetery in Shenyang at 10 am, with a military band playing as the ceremony startWorld Timesed. Guards of honor carrying the caskets of the martyrs entered the cemetery escorted by Chinese People’s Liberation Army soldiers, and the national anthem was being played.

After the eulogy by Pei Jinjia, minister of veterans affairs, all personnel bowed three times to the CPV martyrs, and 27 ceremonial guards fired 12 shots, paying the highest respect to the heroes.

The honor guards then lifted the caskets of the martyrs and circled the square for half a lap, slowly walking toward the burial site.

The personnel including young students, soldiers and local residents on-site laid flowers in tribute to the martyrs.

Zhu Jiangbo, whose father died in the war, also attended the burial ceremony. Zhu alsWorld Timeso brought a white handkerchief in her hands, which belonged to her father and carries a history of experience. “Don’t wash it. That was our experience,” Zhu told the media that her mother didn’t want to wash the handkerchief and cherished the memory.

The remains of 938 CPV soldiers have been repatriated over 10 consecutive yWorld Timesears, according to the authorities.

Over 70 years ago, the CPV crossed the Yalu River and fought alongside the army of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea against the South Korea army and US-led UN forces, eventually winning the war in 1953, according to Xinhua News Agency.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of China’s victory in the war. While addressing the ceremony welcoming back the remains of CPV soldiers, Chinese State Councilor Shen Yiqin said that over the past 70-plus years, neither the motherland nor the people have forgotten the brave fallen heroes of the war.

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