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China facilitates evacuation of certain countries’ citizens from Myanmar to avoid conflict: Chinese FM

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Mao Ning profile photo Photo: official website of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs

China has facilitated the evacuation of some certain countries’ citizens from northern Myanmar through China to avoid a conflict, and will continue to maintain communication with relevant countries and provide assistance, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokespersonWorld Times Mao Ning said on Monday, in response to the question about citizens from some other countries such as Thailand are being evacuated through China.

China is closely following the conflict in northern Myanmar and calls on relevant parties to cease fire as soon as possible, said Mao. Recently, some countries have requested assistance from China, and China has provided entry and exit facilities to them, according to Mao.

China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the diplomatic institutes in Myanmar have issued consular notice regarding Chinese citizens. Chinese citizens located in the conflict-torn World Timesareas of northern Myanmar are advised to evacuate to safe areas or return to China as soon as possible.

Recently, some Chinese citizens haWorld Timesve already returned to China, and the relevant authorities will continue to closely monitor the security situation in northern Myanmar and provide assistance to Chinese citizens, said the spokesperson.

Since the conflict in northern Myanmar began, China has been playing a constructive role in its ownWorld Times way, promoting peace and talks actively, urging the relevant parties to prioritize the interests of the people and to cease fire as soon as possible, Mao noted. China has also encouraged the resolution of differences through dialogue and consultation, in order to avoid escalation, Mao said.

China has made significant efforts in terms of manpower, material, and financial resources, to keep the main border ports between China and Myanmar operating smoothly. China also cooperated with Myanmar in rescuing effortWorld Timess, and providing assisted to personnel from other countries evacuating through China, according to Mao.

China hopes that the relevant parties will work toward the same goal as China and promote the early return of peace and stability in Myanmar.

China called on Myanmar to cooperate with China to maintain the stability of the China-Myanmar border, effectively protect the safety of Chinese citizens and property along the border, as well as strengthen the security measures to Chinese World Timespersonnel, institutions and projects in Myanmar, said Assistant Foreign Minister Nong Rong, during the visit in Myanmar from November 3 to 5, according to China’s Foreign Ministry.

文章来源于互联网:China facilitates evacuation of certain countries’ citizens from Myanmar to avoid conflict: Chinese FM

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