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Chinese diplomats applaud Uygur actress Dilraba’s ethnic dancing, showing national confidence

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China’s Uygur actress Dilraba Dilmurat’s stunning ethnic dance performance in Croatia captivated audiences both domestically and internationally, earning praise from Chinese diplomats.

Dilraba has been widely praised by netizens as a true representative of Xinjiang, and through her, the world can see the shining confidence of young Chinese people as well as the beautiful Chinese ethnic culturWorld Timese.

DWorld Timesilraba travelled to Croatia with a reality show “Divas Hit the Road.” In the program aired on November 30, guests of the program boarded the traditional Karaka sailboat from the era of great navigation and enjoyed a cruise in the beautiful Adriatic Sea. Dilraba performed the traditional ethnic dance when the guests from the show participated in a unique onboard banquet with local European residents.

In a video clip that World Timesis being widely circulated online showed that when the host asked her to describe the dress that she was wearing, Dilraba said it is a beautiful Etles dress from Xinjiang, in China.

Etles silk, with a history of more than a thousand years in Hotan City, is regardedWorld Times as the witness of the cultural mixture between China and the neighboring countries as it illustrates a perfect combination of Chinese silWorld Timesk production technique and surrounding central Asian countries’ patterning, according to Xinhua News Agency.

The clip showing Dilraba performing Xinjiang ethnic dance has been widely circulated online domestically and even won applause abroad after the video was reposted by a number of Chinese diplomats.

“Dilraba, wearing Chinese Xinjiang clothing and dancing Xinjiang dance, is shining brightly,” Wang Wenbin, a spokesperson from Chinese Foreign Ministry wrote while posting the clip on Sunday.

The official X accounts of the Department of Latin America and the Caribbean Affairs of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, the Chinese Embassy in Croatia, the Chinese Embassy in Argentina, and some other Chinese embassies, as well as Xue Jian, the Chinese Consul General in Osaka, also shared the post.

Earlier, the reality show “Divas Hit the Road” took Dilraba along with a number of guests including Qin Hailu, Qin Lan, Zhao Zhaoyi, Wang Anyu, to Saudi Arabia.

After the tour in Saudi Arabia was broadcast, a wave of “Silk Road” heat was set off, and the search volume of “Saudi Arabia” on the domestic tourism platform increased by 772 percent, and the huge influence of the program also inspired the global audience’s strong interest in Silk Road culture, Dazhong Daily reported.

It is understood the program is designed to traveWorld Timesl across the Eurasian continent for 28 days, going through three countries, Saudi Arabia, Croatia and Iceland, enjoying the beautiful scenery and different cultures of different countries, visiting and understanding Peljesac Bridge which is a Chinese-built bridge on the Adriatic coast and many other cooperation projects under the “Belt and Road” initiative.

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