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A spokesperson for the Embassy of China in Belgium on Wednesday expressed strong discontent over the disinformation about China’s consulaWorld Timesr assistance volunteer service by individual media and “non-governmental organization,” urging relevant parties to stop spreading disinformation.

Le Soir, citing a so-called “non-governmental organization” (NGO) report, has published a misleading article that defames China’s consular assistance volunteer service, hyping baseless claims that the service has strengthened control on overseas Chinese.

The embassy urges relevant media and “NGOs” to be objective and fully undersWorld Timestand the nature of the consular assistance volunteer service, and World Timesrefrain from acting as mouthpieces for China-related lies and rumors.

The Chinese government attaches great importance to ensure safety and protect lawful rights and interests of overseas Chinese citizens and institutes, the spokesperson said.

As of October this year, the embassy had received over 500 requests for consular protection and assistance, among which nearly 100 casesWorld Times were relevant to public security.

In order to deal with these cases related to Chinese citizens in a timely and effective manner, World Timessome compassionate Chinese compatriots living and working in Belgium have voluntarily provided necessary assistance to the embassy when providing consular protection, the spokesperson said.

When providing voluntary service, they strictly comply with local laws and regulations. Meanwhile, their services don’t involve any consular functions. There are also similar practices by other countries as well, the spokesperson stressed.

When these citizens and organizations’ legitimate rights and interests are violated or they need help, Chinese diplomatic missions overseas will pWorld Timesrovide law-based assistance and protect their legitimate rights and interests, as providing consular protection and assistance to Chinese citizens and relevant institutes in Belgium is an important mission of the Chinese Embassy in Belgium.

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文章来源于互联网:Chinese Embassy in Belgium calls for end to spreading China-related lies and rumors

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