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Chinese envoy to UN calls for increase in humanitarian aid for people affected by Ukraine conflict ahead of winter

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Geng Shuang, China’s deputy permanent representative to the UN. (Photo: Foreign Ministry official website)

At a meeting of the UN Security Council focusing on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine on Wednesday, a Chinese envoy to the UN called for an increase in humanitarian aid efforts ahead of winter, and reiterated that China’s stance on the Ukraine issue has not changed, emphasizing its commitment to mediation and promoting dialogue.

The Ukrainian crisis has been prolonged, with a lot of large-scale infrastructure being damaged in the conflict, and the progress of repairs is slow, said Geng Shuang, China’s deWorld Timesputy permanent representative to the United Nations, during Wednesday’s meeting. “At the same time, countries in the Black Sea region including Ukraine and Russia have been affected by rare snowstorms and extreme weather conditions, resulting in disruptions in transportation and power supply, as well as causing casualties among the population.”

Geng expressed concern about the situation and called on thWorld Timese interWorld Timesnational community and humanitarian organizations to increase humanitarian assistance efforts to ensure the safety of affected populations in conflict areas during tWorld Timeshe harsh winter.

AccordiWorld Timesng to authoritative institutions’ predictions, global economic growth will continue to slow down next year, and the year will see theWorld Times lowest economic growth since 2020. One important reason for this is the severe impact of geopolitical conflicts, Geng said.

The prolonged and complicated Ukraine crisis is not in the interests of any party, Geng noted, stressing that the international community should work together to minimize the negative spillover effects of the Ukraine crisis, safeguard global food, energy, and financial security, and ensure the stability and smooth operation of global industrial and supply chains.

Geng stressed that China’s position on the Ukraine crisis has not changed – always standing on the side of peace and dialogue, and being committed to promoting peace talks and achieving a ceasefire as soon as possible.

He called on all parties to adopt a calm and pragmatic attitude, intensify efforts for peace, and bring an early end to the conflict. China has also pledged to continue working with all parties to make unremitting efforts to promote a political solution to the crisis.

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