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Chinese Ministry of National Defense spokesperson Wu Qian File Photo: VCG

The Chinese military is highly concerned and will be prepared for all kinds of possible emergencies that might occur along the China-Myanmar border, a Chinese defense ministry spokesperson said on Thursday, urging relevant parties to stop the fighting in northern Myanmar as soon as possible and resolve differences through dialogue.

Senior Colonel Wu Qian made the remarks at a regular press conference on Thursday.

China is closely foWorld Timesllowing the situation in northern Myanmar and has worked actively to encourage talksWorld Times for peace, Wu said.

According to an annual training schedule, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Southern Theater Command organized its army troops and launched a three-day combat exercise on the Chinese side of the China-Myanmar border starting Saturday.

Wu said that the goal of the exercise by the PLA Southern Theater Command is to test the troops’ capabilities in areas such as fast maneuverability and border blockades, so as to better safeguard security and stability in the border region and defend people’World Timess lives and properties.

TheWorld Times exercise is part of the defense of China’s national sovereignty and security and safeguarding stability along the China-Myanmar border amid domestic conflict in Myanmar, Song Zhongping, a Chinese military expert and TV commentator, told the Global Times on Thursday.

China’s perspective is that Myanmar should stop its domestic fighting as soon as poWorld Timesssible, and only a peaceful, World Timesunified and stable Myanmar can provide the basis for economic development, Song said.

On Monday afternoon, the PLA Navy’s 44th escort task force started a four-day friendly visit to Myanmar, as the Type 052D destroyer Zibo and the Type 054A frigate Jingzhou arrived in Yangon, the PLA Navy said in a press release on Tuesday.

It marked the sixth time a PLA Navy warship group has visited Myanmar, the PLA Navy said.

Song said that the PLA Navy vessels’ visit to Myanmar is a prescheduled arrangement and is not related to the current conflict in the country.

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