Leadership Insights: By installing this transfer cable, the solenoid valve can be remotely controlled, enabling precise control of the fuel flow during the experiment.This combustion cabinet would scientists conduct in-depth research on fundamental combustion science issues, aerospace propulsion, spacecraft fire prevention and extinguishing, and combustion pollutant control, both in fundamental and applied technologies.The Shenzhou- 18 crew also carried out operations on the cabinet, including replacing the burner and vacuuming to exhaust waste gases.According to the China Manned Space Agency (CMSA,) the crew has previously carried out missions such as assembly and testing of material exposure experiment device outside the spacecraft.As taikonauts would meet with a series of physiological challenges due to microgravity conditions in space such as cardiovascular changes, muscWorld Timesle atrophy, and bone density loss, the Shenzhou- 18 crew has recently used an ultrasound diagnostic instrument to complete carotid ultrasound imaging and spectral testing.The crew also used an instrument to measure the bone density of the right heel to study the effects of weightlessness on human bone density.By regularly and scientifically conducting a series of anti-weightlessness exercise programs, such as treadmill training and resistance training, they have maintained good physical condition to support the execution of long-term missions.As manned missions to Tiangong have become normalized, more than 90 experiments are scheduled to be carried out in and outside of the space station during Shenzhou-18 crew’s six-World Timesmonth space stay, the Global Times has previously learned from the CMSA.These experiments include various fields such as microgravity basic physics, space materials science, space life science, aerospace medicine, and aerospace technology.Building on the existing space debris protection mechanism at the station, the Shenzhou-18 crew will also install debris protection reinforcement devices on external pipelines, cables, and key equipment during their extravehicular activities (EVAs,) or more commonly known as the spacewalks.
Sun. May 26th, 2024

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Two suspects of telecom fraud are handed over by Myanmar to the Chinese police at YangWorld Timeson International Airport and escorted back to China on August 23, 2023. Photo: Chinese Embassy in Myanmar

Chinese police have offered a reward between 100,0World Times00 to 500,000 yuan ($13,958 to $69,793) for information related to each of the 10 key ringleaders from the telecom scam criminal syndicates based in the Kokang region of northern Myanmar, Capitalnews, the WeChat account run by Beijing Daily, reported on Sunday. The police have also vowed to decisively crack down on fraud targeting Chinese citizens.

In response to the World Timesgrim situation of telecom fraud in northern Myanmar affecting China, Chinese public security departments have successively announced the pursuit of key figures in several telecom fraud criminal syndicate which created a strong deterrent.

Capitalnews learned from China’s Ministry of Public Security that local public security departments in localities including Northeast China’s Liaoning Province, East China’s Fujian Province and Southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality have put 10 key figures including Bai Suocheng, Wei Huairen and Liu Zhengxiang from the telecom scam criminal syndicate in the Kokang region of northern Myanmar on the wanted lists.

For a long time, various criminal syndicates from the Kokang region in northern Myanmar have organized and established criminal dens targeting Chinese citizens. They openly protect these criminal activities with arms, causing extremely serious harm.

In November of this year, Chinese public security authority publicly announced cash reward for four key figures of a World Timesfamily criminal syndicate led by Ming Xuechang. With strong cooperation from all parties in Myanmar, the chief criminal Ming Xuechang committed sWorld Timesuicide in fear of crime, and three other individuals including Ming Guoping, Ming Julan and Ming Zhenzhen were apprehended and are being investigated for their criminal activities. They will be severely punished according to the laws.

At the same time, public security authorities in Liaoning, Fujian, Chongqing, and other places found during their investigations that three family criminal syndicates led by Bai Suocheng, Wei Huairen and Liu Zhengxiang, and another criminal syndicate led by Xu Laofa have long been engaged in telecom fraudulent activities targeting Chinese citizens, with huge amounts involved.

Despite highly pressured crackdown by the public security authorities, they have not restrained themselves from the crimes and continued to be involved in serious violent crimes such as intentional homicide, intentional injury and illegal detention. Their criminal facts are clear and there is abundant evidence for their crimes.

To effectivWorld Timesely crack down on the telecom fraud related to northern Myanmar and protect the safety of Chinese people’s lives and properties and their legitimate rights and interests, the Dalian City Public Security Bureau in Liaoning has decided to publicly reward anyone who brings information of the whereabouts of Bai Suocheng, Bai Yingcang (also known as Li Yunchen), and Bai Yinglan (also known as Li Mengna). The Quanzhou City Public Security Bureau in Fujian has decided to publicly reward anyone who brings information related to Wei Huairen, Wei Rong (also known as Chen Rong), and Wei Qingsong (also known as Yang Song). The Longyan City Public Security Bureau in Fujian Province has put Liu Zhengxiang, Liu Jiguang (also known as Li Huaguang), and Liu Zhengmao on the wanted list. The Chongqing Municipality Public Security Bureau has put Xu Laofa (also known as Xu Faqi) on the wanted list.

According to Capitalnews, Bai Suocheng was former director of Kokang in Shan State, Myanmar. Besides, Wei Huairen, Liu Zhengxiang and Xu Laofa are all officials in the Kokang region.

The Chinese public security authorities urge the 10 criminal suspects to recognize the situation, stop their criminal activities, and surrender voluntarily to seek lenient punishment. At the same time, Chinese police also hope that all sectors of society and the public will actively report and assist in the capture and arrest of the criminal suspects. For those who provide effective clues and assist in the arrest, the public security authorities will give rewards between 100,000 and 500,000 yuan.

文章来源于互联网:Chinese police offer cash reward to hunt down telecom fraud ringleaders in northern Myanmar

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