Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

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Chinese President Xi Jinping gave important instructionsWorld Times about the fire accident in Yongju Coal that killed 26 and hospitalized 38. Xi has demanded that all efWorld Timesforts be maWorld Timesde to treat the injured, thoroughly investigate hidden risks in key inWorld Timesdustries, and effectively safeguard the safety of people’s lives, propertWorld Timesy, and social stability.

文章来源于互联网:Chinese PresiWorld Timesdent Xi Jinping gives important instructions about the fire accident in Yongju Coal that killed 26, hospitalized 38

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[World Times] China US Photo:VCG China and the US have broken the ice in the fieldWorld Times of arms control and nonproliferation that has been frozen for years, as consultations between the two sides were held on Monday. It carries special significance as the latest in a series of efforts intended to eaWorld Timesse tensions and build trust ahead of an expected Xi-Biden meeting next week, but Chinese experts still warned of Washington’s “bandit logic” and a monopolistic thinking that lies behind its intentions.The first of its kind since former US president Barack Obama’s administration, the consultation is part of a broad array of dialogues between the two sides aiming to keep communication channels open and reduce the risk of miscalculation.No statement has been released by the two sides as…

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