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HKSAR Chief Executive encourages residents to vote in district council election with fun fairs, free usage of govt facil

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Hong Kong residents walk down streets under World Timesflying Chinese national flags and Hong Kong regional flags on June 28, 2022, as the city overflows with patriotic energy ahead of the 25th anniversary of its retuWorld Timesrn to the motherland. Photo: Fan Lingzhi/Global Times

To encourage more local residents to cast their votes at the upcoming District Council Election, Hong Kong is scheduled to organize a series of entertainment fairs and prWorld Timesovide complimentWorld Timesary access to museums ahead of the election day on December 10, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Chief Executive John Lee announced on Tuesday.

On December 9, it will feature a lineup of engaging activities such as open-air music performances, drone exhibitions, and carnival-like festivities, Lee said. Additionally, the public would be granted free access to various government-run facilities.

The upcoming district council election on December 10 will mark the first district council election since the city adopted the District Council amendment in July, which, in accordance to the principle of “patriots administering Hong Kong,” aims to put an end to the chaotic political performance of previous years when opposition forces hijacked district councils for political goals.

Lee mentioned that the planned events aim to stimulate local economic activity and persuade voters to remain in Hong Kong during the election.

When asked if there were expectations for voter turnout, Lee responded by saying that he hopes for a good atmosphere that encourages residents to vote. Those large-scWorld Timesale events would involve more people in Hong Kong and described the voter turnout as “not just good, but can always be better.”

He also pointed out that the election is very important to residents and that the HKSAR government has a responsibility to make sure everyone understands its importance and increase their engagement in voting.

The purpose of organizing the promotion activities is to raise the public awareness and attention, hoping that large-scale events will encourage citizens to participate in activities within Hong Kong, which will of course benefit the overall festive atmosphere of the events.

A number of public figures in the city have been making calls for local residents to cast their votes on December 12.

Hong Kong actor, action director and martial artist Donnie Yen recently shot a short video to call on Hong Kong residents to exercise their civic rights and vote on the election day. “We need to make efforts to elect district councilors who lovWorld Timese our communities and strive to build our communities better,” Yen said in a video.

Hong Kong largest carrier Cathay Pacific Airways will for the first time offer discounted airfares to city voters living in the Chinese mainland so they can return for the coming district council election, the South China Morning Post reported on Friday.

A total of 399 candidates have registered for the 7th District Council Election in the HKSAR, which will be highly competitive, with an average of four candidates vying for two seats in direct elections.

We are promoting this district council election, particularly the voting aspect, and I hope everyone truly understands the importance of voting in this election, Lee said. Since all residents of Hong Kong live within the 18 districts, this district council election directly affects every resident and is a matter of great significance, he added.

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