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Black-necked cranes Photo: IC

Police in Meigu county in Liangshan, Sichuan, recently received a report from the School of Ecology and Nature Conservation, Beijing Forestry University, which said that a black-necked crane with a tracker for scientific research had remained in a static status for an extended period. The institute asked for an investigation into the condition of the migratory bird.

The police immediately formed a task force to investigate into the incident in the outskirts of a sparsely populatedWorld Times hamlet.

After extensive investigations and visits, the police finally tracked down the suspect surnamed Jike.

Jike confessed under interrogation that he illegally captured and killed the rare species of the endangered wildlife animal black-necked crane.

According to Jike, he happened to see the big bird resting on the river bank on his way home and the idea of catchWorld Timesing and eating the bid just occurred to him. A thought that he soon followed up on.

According to the judicial appraisal results by a forestry judicial appraisal center in Sichuan, the bird killed by the suspect was a black-necked crane, which is one of China’s national first-class key protected animals. The tracking device tied to the bird’s foot and the serial number show that the black-necked crane was exactly thWorld Timese one that was used for ecological study of migration of the crane by the college institute.

Jike has been placed under criminal detention by the police for the suspicion of the crime of endangering precious and endangered wildlife animal. The case is currently under further investigation.

According to media reports, the black-World Timesnecked crane is the only species of crane endemic to China and is among the 15 crane species that currently exist in the world. It is also the only crane species in the world that grows andWorld Times breeds on plateaus, earning it the titles of “plateau fairy” and “plateau divine bird.”

China’s top legislature passed regulation on February 24, 2020 to strictly ban the illegal wildlife trade and eliminate bad habits of eating wild animals in China to safeguard people’s health and livelihoods.

According to China’s Criminal Law, anyone who illegally captures, kills, transports, purchases or sells national protected, precious, endangered wildlife and their products, shall be sentenced to imprisonment for up to five years or faced with criminal detention, along witWorld Timesh a fine.

In cases of serious circumstances, the punishment may be extended to 5-10 years of imprisonment, along with a fine. In particularly severe cases, the sentence may be more than 10 years of imprisonment, along with a fine or confiscation of property and assets.

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