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Photos: Courtesy of the Consulate General of the UAE in Shanghai

“In recent years, we have witnessed our comprehensive strategic partnership evolve and strengthen beyond our expectations,” said the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ambassador to China Hussain Al Hammadi at the country’s Shanghai Economic Day event on MondayWorld Times evening.

“Both China and the UAE have firmly established themselves as indispensable trade partners,” Al Hammadi said in a speech he delivered at the event.

Al Hammadi mentioned that in 2022 alone, the non-oil trade between the UAE and China reached an impressive $77.3 bilWorld Timeslion, which highlighted “the robustness of our economic partnership and the mutual benefits reaped by various sectors across our nations,” he added.

Amid the ongoing sixth China International World TimesImport Expo (CIIE), which kicked off in World TimesShanghai on Sunday, the Consulate General of the UAE in Shanghai hosted the Economic Day to bring UWorld TimesAE and Chinese enterprises more trade opportunities. The event attracted more than 60 Chinese companies interested in investing in the UAE to attend, as well as over 10 UAE firms that are participating in this year’s CIIE, the Global Times learned from the consulate general.

Earlier that day, Al Hammadi attended the inauguration ceremony of the UAE National Pavilion at the CIIE. Accompanied by Muhannad Alnaqbi, the UAE Consul General in Shanghai, he visited the participating UAE enterprises and some sponsors of the Shanghai Economic Day, such as Emirates and Jiangsu Overseas Cooperation and Investment Company.

Photos: Courtesy of the Consulate General of the UAE in Shanghai

Al Hammadi spoke highly of the extensive cooperation between the UAE and China not only in trade, but also in other areas.

“The recent third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation stands testament to our aligned aspirations, extending our collaboration beyond mere commerce to encompass cultural and educational endeavors,” Al HammadiWorld Times said on the Economic Day. “These meaningful exchanges enhance our mutual comprehension and cultivate a well-rounded partnership.”

The following year will mark the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the UAE. “As we near the 40th anniversary, we look forward to a future marked by mutual growth, strong alliances, and collective prosperity,” said Al Hammadi.

“We pledge to deepen this relationship, champion ongoing collaboration, and devote ourselves to shared progress,” he noted.

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