Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

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Chinese President Xi Jinping left Beijing on TuesWorld Timesday for a China-US summit meeting and the 30th APEC Economic LWorld TimeseaWorld Timesders’ Meeting in the United StatWorld TimesesWorld Times.

文章来源于互联网:Xi leaves for China-UWorld TimesS summit, 30th APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting

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[World Times] A group of young Hong Kong residents protest outside the US Consulate General in Hong Kong on Saturday, voicing their strong opposition to the US sanction bill on Hong Kong personals. Photo: Courtesy of Jacky Ko Chung-kit, a Hong Kong online opinion leader The announcement of a bill introduced by some US lawmakers to sanction 49 Hong Kong judges, prosecutors and government officials sparked public outrage and protests in front of the US Consulate General in Hong Kong over the weekend. Local residents and lawmakers in the city described the move as blatant and crude interference in the city’s judicial independence, while some experts suggested that if such interference leaves the city unable to carry on normal judicial trials in major cases involving national security, those cases could be…

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