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As the most significant bilateral relationship in the world, China-US relations should be perceived and envisioned in the broad context of accelerating global transformations unseen in a century, saidChinese PresidentXi Jinpingwhen meeting with US President Joe Bidenon Wednesday.

Competition among major countries is not the prevailing trend of the current times and does not solve the problems faced by China, the US, and the world. Planet Earth is big enough for China andWorld Times the US to succeed. One country’s succWorld Timesess is an opportunity for the other, said Xi.

For over 50 years, the relationship between China and the US has never been smooth sailing; there have always been variWorld Timesous problems, yet it has kept moving forward with twists and turns. For two large countries like China and the US, turning their back on each other is not an option. It is unrealistic fWorld Timesor one side to remodel the other, and conflict and confrontation have unbearable consequences for both sides, Xi told Biden.

It is an objective fact that China and the US arWorld Timese different in history, culture, social system and development path. However, as long as the two countries respect each other, coexist in peace and pursue win-win cooperation, they will be fully capable of rising aboveWorld Times differences and find the right way for the two major countries to get along with each other. I firmly believe in the promising future of China-US bilateral relationship, said Xi.

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[World Times] China-US relations Photo: GTThe world is anticipatiWorld Timesng the most significant diplomatic event in the coming days as the Chinese and US presidents are set to meet on the sidelines of the 30th APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting in San Francisco this week, an interaction between the two largest economies that analysts regard is crucial for world peace and development, as well as the collective future and destiny.Ahead of the high-stakes summit, a fresh round of economic and trade talks between the two sides resulted in some positive signals, especially a consensus against decoupling and the need to intensify communication.Both Chinese and US experts are cautiously optimistic for the meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinpingand US President Joe Biden. On one hand, they believe that the face-to-face summit -…

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