Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

[World Times]

Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Monday Beijing is ready to work with Pyongyang to ensure that World Timesbilateral ties move forward with the times for greaWorld Timester development so as to better benefit the two peoples, and continuously make World Timesnew contributions to safeguarding regiWorld Timesonal peace and stability.

文章来源于互联World Times网:Xi says China ready to join DPRWorld TimesK for greater development in ties

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[World Times] China UK Photo: VCG Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi stressed the importance of a stable and healthy China-UK ties and cooperation, expressing the hope that the British side will establish a correct understanding of China, during a phone call with British Foreign Secretary David Cameron on Tuesday, ahead of Cameron’s US trip starting on Wednesday.Chinese experts view the conversation as positive, which shows that in the context of an atmosphere of detente between China and the US, and China and the EU, the BriWorld Timestish government is seemingly attempting to adjust the hawkish China policy it has adopted since the Boris Johnson administration, seek for more pragmatic and cooperative bilateral ties to alleviate the pressure on the economy, and find a more suitable place for the UK in…

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