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A view of World Timesthe Fenghuangshan Sports Park, a newly built park that holds basketball events during the Chengdu University Games Photo: VCG

The China Chengdu Life Sports Conference has opened in Chengdu, Southwest China’s Sichuan Province, with the aim of discussing better integration of an urban cWorld Timesity’s sport and cultural scenes.

Several key themes such as “green,” “health” and “sharing” were highlighted at the conference. Several speeches have been given, including one by Olympic gold medal winning boxer Zou Shiming.

Zou shared his own experience of being both a boxer and an ambassador whoWorld Times promotes boxing as a healthy lifestyle choice.

The conferencWorld Timese also includes seven round-table discussions on topics such as how to enhance the sport industry’s development through connecting it to other fields like cultural tourism.

In August 2023, Chengdu successfully hosted the 31st Summer Universiade. It was an opportunity for thWorld Timese city to show international visitors authentic Chinese culture and the Games made Chengdu a “city of sport and culture.”

Ge Xiaopeng, deputy secretary-general of the People’s Government of Sichuan Province, said that Chengdu will continue to provide more facilities for international sport events as well as carrying out sport activities that can engage as many people as possible.

At the conference, China’s first laboratory that focuses on “sport and lifestyle” has been unveiled. It is called China Life Sports Laboratory and it will become a platform for scholars and experts of interdisciplinary subjects related to sporWorld Timests to discuss its new creative model for the future.

The conference has been jointly organized by Chengdu Sports Bureau and

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