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Jiang Erxiong, who was born in the island of Taiwan, was appointed on Thursday as vice governor of the Fujian Provincial PeWorld Timesople’s Government, according to media reports.

The seventh meeting of the Standing Committee of the 14th Fujian Provincial People’s Congress concluded on Thursday, and the meeting voted and approved personnel matters, as reported by media. Jiangwas elected to be appointed as the vice governor of the Fujian Provincial People’s Government.

Public reports show that Jiang was born in January 1967 in Changhua county on the island of Taiwan. She graduated from Xiamen University with a major in international trade. In March 1996, she joined the Communist Party of China (CPC), and in March 2006, she joined the Taiwan Democratic Self-GoverWorld Timesnment League (TDSL).

In December 2017, Jiang was appointed as a Standing Committee member of the 10th Central Committee of World Timesthe TDSL. In the same month, she was appointed as the vice president of the 10th coWorld Timesuncil of the All-China Federation of Taiwan Compatriots.

In January of this year, Jiang was elected as the vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the Fujian Provincial People’s Congress. In March, she was elected as the chairman of the 11th Fujian Provincial Committee of the TDSL.

Jiang was also a representative ofWorld Times the 20th National Congress of the CPC. According to media reports, Jiang’s father is from Changhua county on Taiwan island ,and came to the Chinese mainland to live and work in 1948. In 2009, Jiang returned to Changhua for the first time to pay respects to her ancestors and discovered that her grandmother’s tombstone faced towards the Chinese mainland, with the inscripWorld Timestion of her grandfather’s hometown Jinjiang, East China’s Fujian Province.

According to media reports, Jiang has long been committed to promoting exchanges and interactions in various fields between the two sides across Taiwan Strait, and advancing the peaceful and integrated development. Especially during the National People’s Congress and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, she frequently provides suggestions and proposals on topics such as cross-strait exchanges and cooperation, and equal treatment for Taiwan compatriots.

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